Online Services Offered

Virtual Assistant Services

We could all use a little more time in the day especially when it comes to networking and creating content; however, we can’t sacrifice our sleep to get it. I can help with those tedious tasks to free more time so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business. (And you can get the sleep you need.)

Here are some services I offer but are not exclusive to this list. If there are other ways you need some help, please reach out to me. Contact me here.


  • content writing and editing
  • audio or video transcriptions


  • email services such as organizing, maintaining, and responding
  • customer service
  • managing blog comments
  • Live Webinar assistance
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • arranging interviews
  • Re-purposing content (such as turning audio or video into a blog post/article and/or social media post)
  • managing online communities
  • optimizing blog posts
  • organizing files
  • brainstorming new ideas
  • formatting blog posts
  • updating websites and plugins

Social Media

  • managing comments
  • scheduling posts
  • monitoring social media feeds
  • monitoring YouTube content
  • Uploading YouTube videos
  • creating graphics
  • social media account maintenance
  • managing Facebook groups
  • creating surveys or polls
  • creating and managing Instagram posts
  • responding to social media messages

Graphic design

  • creating images for blog posts or social media
  • creating slides for webinars or presentations
  • sourcing photos for blog posts, books, or social media
  • creating printable downloads, infographics, etc

Recipe Makeovers

As a part of striving for healthy-ish, I switch out a few ingredients in my favorite recipes for healthier options. Nothing crazy, exotic or expensive either. I use easy to obtain and reasonably priced substitutes in order to get a healthier recipe without sacrificing my wallet or taste buds.

Do you have a new recipe but unsure how to improve it to make it healthy-ish? I can help with that! Or do you have a favorite recipe you want to make healthy-ish? I can help with that, too!

Let’s transform your favorite recipes into more nutritious ones with just a few swaps of ingredients! Contact me to get started.

Products Currently Available

I offer a range of products, and currently, I only have digital products. However, I am working on adding physical products such as decals and shirts for fibromyalgia thrivers and fibro parents for my blog about fibromyalgia – Being Fibro Mom.

Click here to see all the products.