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Hi, I’m Brandi, and welcome to my organized yet chaotic place! Thank you for swinging by and reading my articles, browsing my images, or just browsing. For whatever reason you’re here – I appreciate you! You could be anywhere on the world wide web right now, and the fact that you’re here taking interest in my blog is meaningful to me and my family. Again, thank you!

As a part-time working mom, writer, advocate, and bookworm, I stay pretty busy. However, I try my best to answer all emails, comments, and messages as quickly as I can. I know you’re super busy, too, and need an answer sooner rather than later. So if I don’t answer within a day or so, send me another message.

Pssst…The best way to contact me is through Facebook.

Here are some great ways to connect with me


I absolutely love IG! I’m a visual person and images are attracting to me. When looking at an image, I can see a story, feel emotions, or learn something new all with a single snapshot. I share my wellness journey and knowledge about health from a range of experts, so follow along on Instagram at Brandi Clevinger.

Want to follow just my bookworm stuff? You can do that here in Buba’s Book Corner. If you have a book to recommend, I’d love to hear it!


My Facebook page is a great way for me to share images, links, resources and more. This is also the best way to contact me through messaging.


I started sharing videos on YouTube for my fibromyalgia blog, Being Fibro Mom, when my husband and I started recording Fibro Live (a show about fibromyalgia). While I no longer do Fibro Live videos, I do post random videos time to time. Most of my blog posts can be listened to through my YouTube channel as well.


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