Thank you for visiting my little chaotic corner of the world, and getting to know me – at least as much as  you can in the digital world. I’m a mommy, veteran, advocate, writer, dreamer, and bookworm. I’m not really a complicated person, but more like a creative and fun path through a labyrinth of sorts.

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I’m a beautiful mess of a woman living in my native home state of South Carolina, the Palmetto State. I have five crazy kiddos that keep us grounded and in the throes of reality and fun. In addition to writing this amazing website, I’m also a  fibromyalgia writer and advocate. It’s through living with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression that I’ve learned how strong I am. It’s partly the reason I’ve learned to be straightforward about life – there’s no time to waste on false perceptions.

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Our two youngest children, Aiden and Abby
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Our oldest daughter, Madison, is a hormonal preteen, so getting a smile and photo at the same time is damn near impossible. So I’m happy with this!

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Our nephew, Dayvione, with an amazing catch!

Why this blog?

On March 25, 2018 I became severely ill for nearly a year with various health issues. For weeks I was confined to a bed and my doctors had no idea what was wrong with me or what triggered it. I had countless tests, scans, and other medical procedures only to have each one fail to tell me what was happening to my body.

Since providers were failing to listen to me and virtually gave up on me after coming up empty handed, I took my health into my own hands. I dove into research and discovered how the body worked – from the brain to the gut to various body systems – in an attempt to find the origin of these issues.

This is when the seed of wellness was planted, and I fell in love with wellness. I learned how magnificent the body is and how outside factors – such as the foods I was eating, the products I used on my body, and even the air outside – was affecting my body and the way it functioned.

Small changes over time added up to make BIG changes in my health and overall quality of life. And not just for me, but for my family as well. My life is vastly different than what it was in March 2018. I am stronger, healthier, wiser, and thriving.

More than ever I want to share my journey of wellness through all of my ups and downs, and to share my knowledge and experiences. Maybe along the way we can cultivate a love for wellness together to improve our overall quality of life. Join the Cultivating a Love for Wellness Facebook group to share your wellness journey and get exclusive content along the way!

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I’m a sock collector!

I love to collect socks and magnets! And not just any socks or magnets, but ones from various places or unique ones. I don’t know how the sock collection started, but Tim thinks it’s adorable and fuels the habit. Hehe – I love it! The magnet collection started back when I was in the Navy and a friend visited a few places across the pond bringing me back a magnet from each destination. Since then, I get magnets from all over!

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I like big books and I cannot lie!

I’m an avid reader of all sorts of genres. My favorite author is Greg Iles. He’s an incredible writer, and I got to meet him once at a book signing. Check out what I’m reading on GoodReads.

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I met my favorite author, Greg Iles, with my mom at a book signing for my birthday in 2017.

The dreamer in me likes to ride…

Bike riding was a necessity growing up. It was the rite of passage to becoming independent; well, as independent as you can be before reaching the legal driving age. My parents got my sister and me a new bike every other year at Christmas, it seemed. So needless to say, we rode bikes a LOT.

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My husband purchased me the bike of my dreams for my birthday in 2017: pink, wide handlebars, comfy seat, white tires, phone holder, cup holder, and basket on the front. Because I had specifics to my dream bike, it took my husband some time to find it. I love it!

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My bike and me!

Don’t be jealous! Okay, be jealous –

Once I met Bill Murray when I was in high school. It was at a Charleston Riverdogs game (baseball, in case you don’t follow sports), and I was in awe. Even at a younger age I knew the magnificence of an acting phenomenon. He signed the baseball seen in my hands, right before the photo was snapped. He was so casual and nonchalant. Perfect!

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Bill Murray and me in the 90s at the Charleston Riverdogs Stadium. His request in exchange for a photo was to exclude his family in the photo. Done!

Au Revoir, Mom and Pops! Hello, World!

When I was 17, I enlisted in the Navy and served eight years. My mom was completely against it just as my dad was, but my dad told my mom, “You can either sign the consent now with our support or she’ll do it when she turns 18 without our support.” That was enough for my mom to sign her precious baby girl away to the Navy and out of her care. My mom cried nearly everyday I was in boot camp, but I didn’t find out until years later. She was (still is) my biggest supporter – until my husband came into the picture and somehow he managed to tie with her.

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My mom and me shortly after I enlisted into the Navy.

Falling in Love

Several doctors told me I would never have kids due to severe damage to my reproductive organs. I knew I would have kids when I met the right person. Turns out, I was right (but who doubted me, right?), and had four children after marrying my soulmate.

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Tim and me shortly after we became engaged.