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One of my favorite hobbies of all time is reading. I got hooked with the I CAN READ books by mail when I was in elementary school, and became an avid reader of The Babysitter Club not long after. I still have many of these books and read them from time to time with my kiddos.

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My I CAN READ books I received by mail when I was younger.

Books by Mail? Yes, please!

In fact, I enjoyed books by mail so much that I joined the Book of the Month Club to continue receiving the latest and greatest books via mail. Some of the books are exclusive to BOTM club members a month prior to their official publishing date!

Each month I’m excited for the monthly selections, and it’s tough to select just one. (And when I can’t decide on one, I can add a second, third, or however many for a small add-on charge and shipping is always included in the monthly membership fee.)

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My BOTM Club selections for May 2019.

My Book Review Ratings

Each book I review is based on my opinion. My book rating is simple: love, like or dislike. I like the simplicity of it. This does not mean you will agree with the review or love/like/dislike the book, too. There’s a quote that says, “No two persons ever read the same book” by Edmund Wilson, and it’s quite true!

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