The pantry makeover is all about figuring out which foods in your pantry fall into the green, yellow, and red light areas of eating. This concept is based off of Dr. Sears’ Traffic Light Eating and is an easy to follow way to eating more nutritious foods. Once the red light foods have been identified, we can discuss how we can improve those foods to replace them with green and yellow foods.

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Pantry Makeover Overview

The total time for the pantry makeover is one hour. The time table is broken down as follows:

  • Table Time: 20 minutes
    • What is Traffic Light Eating?
    • Label Reading Overview
  • Into the Pantry: 30 minutes
    • Traffic Light Shopping List
    • Healthy Substitutions
    • Fridge and Freezer
  • Wrap-up: 10 minutes
    • Completed shopping list
    • Brand recommendations handout

Table Time

Before sitting down to discuss traffic light eating and label reading, we will first take a brief look into your pantry. Having a look into the pantry gives me, the health coach, an idea of you and your family’s eating habits. There is no judgment at any time during the makeover. 

At the table we will review Traffic Light Eating and answer any questions you have regarding it. After, we will briefly go over label reading to include nutrition facts and ingredients lists. I will also provide handouts for easy reference.

Into the Pantry

Heading into the pantry, we will browse the ingredients list of various food items and identify which are green, yellow, and red light foods. We will then discuss how the red light foods can be replaced with either green or yellow light foods using a healthy substitutions handout guide. No food items will be thrown away at any point. 

This process will be repeated for the fridge and freezer.


To conclude, we will review the shopping list created, set a goal, and answer any questions you may have.

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