Health coaching can come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or for a group, there is something for you! Group and individual options are available in person and online.

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Online Sessions

Provides virtual interaction and are applicable for individual or group sessions. Some of the benefits to virtual sessions:

  • In or out of your geographical area
  • One or several participants
  • Flexible coaching and learning schedule
  • All materials are online

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are direct interaction with an individual, couple, or a parent with a child. This option is ideal for those wanting a private or personal setting, too busy to attend a class, or for those individuals who have attended a class and now want individual help.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are highly interactive and presented to a small or medium sized group of 2 or more participants, and are designed to:

  • Educate
  • Change Behaviors
  • Build Relationships

A group session can consist of a group of individuals from a range of environments. These include:

  • Friends (peers are great for continued support and reliability)
  • Coworkers (wellness is important in the workplace, too)
  • School groups (PTA, wellness committee, teachers)
  • Fitness Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Kid Clubs (Scouts, YMCA, sports)
  • Play groups (MOPS, Mothers of Multiples)

Group sessions can be:

  • Just adults
  • Adults and kids together
  • Direct to kids
  • Sports
  • Lecture

Adults and Kids Together

These sessions are with both adults and children together and provide a chance for everyone to learn and set goals at the same time.

Direct to Kids

Coaching young children can be a session combined with parents or exclusively for children.


Sports related presentations are appropriate for children and adults in an outdoor/sports setting.


A presentation to a large group (20+) and contains minimal interaction. Lectures are often used as an introduction or may cover a specific topic.

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