Chiropractic Care Visits: Week 5

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Thankfully, my chiropractic sessions help me feel better after each visit. The parasitic cleansing I’ve been going through the last week or so has been exhausting for my body. The adjustments and massaging helps to cope with the discomfort both physically and mentally. This makes a world of difference when going through such a painful process.

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My weekend was a long one despite resting much of the days. The nights have been super long for me because sleep is so hard for me to obtain right now. Not much sleep makes for physically painful days. I usually do an appointment on a Monday, but since it was a holiday, my next session was Tuesday.

When I finally got into the office and onto the table, I was relieved to be there. I knew it would be a sore session because I could feel the inflammation in my lower back. Dr Tom* is diligent about slowing working on my lower back and it helps, but it still gets sore.

Does sleep position matter?

For this visit, he did a manual adjustment on my mid-back and neck. The activator method was used on my lower back in order to adjust without injuring the inflamed area. My hips seem to be causing an issue and I’m not sure why. It could be in part of me sleeping on my sides again as opposed to my back. Dr. Tom has told me that the best position to sleep is on my back. I was able to grow accustomed to it after a few nights, but after experiencing constipation, went back to sleeping on my left side.

The Best Sleep Position for Your Body by

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More Gut Issues

As I suspected, I felt great after my adjustment. I didn’t get the massaging part as usual, but it was fine with me. I was more focused on talking to Dr. Tom after my eventful weekend, so the massaging had the least of my attention.

Tuesday’s session was one I was looking forward to since Saturday morning. Dr. Tom has been helping me get my gut healthy again, and I knew he’d be excited to hear about my astonishing discovery over the weekend. When I told him about it, he was intrigued and asked what my next steps were.

Last week, he referred me to a nurse practitioner to call in case I needed some help with the cleansing process, and I had called her that Tuesday morning (Monday was a holiday). The NP told me it was a bit outside of her realm at this present time, and referred me to a local naturopathic doctor. I scheduled a phone consult with the naturopathic doctor for the following morning.

Dr. Tom was glad to hear I’m making connections to get some help while going through this new world of gut health and cleansing. He knows some about it, but is wanting to learn more. As I’m going through the steps to get healthy again, I’m learning and sharing with him so he can also learn. In the weeks past, he told me a stool test would help indicate what’s going on in my gut. He suggested I consider it if the naturopath could offer it. I completely agreed and planned on asking about the test.

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image from Dr. Axe

My friend, Melissa, was visiting me and tagged along to my chiropractor visit. She and I work together with the non profit, International Support Fibromyalgia Network, and she’s just as interested in all gut health topics just as I am. I invited her into the discussion so she could meet Dr. Tom. I’ve told her how amazing it is with care and how he’s interested in gut health. She now knows how great he is!

We talked about my options at that point to get me better nourished and fighting off the parasites I had living in my gut. He agreed with the processes for passing better stools, and suggested diatomaceous earth (DE) to aid in killing off parasites. Adding probiotics to the mix would also benefit in fighting off any foreign invaders as well as staying better nourished with green leafy veggies, avoiding sugars, and loading up on the healthy fats.

I don’t wanna go…

Friday’s session was one I wasn’t looking forward to. My stomach had been hurting tremendously Wednesday evening and into Thursday, so by Friday morning I felt hungover. The last thing I wanted to do that morning was to get dressed and be adjusted. However, I knew it would harm me more in the long run if I skipped that session, so I went. Not happily, but I went.

Once I was there and chatted with one of my friends, I wasn’t as grumpy about being there. They had a summer intern working in the office, Natalie*, and she seemed nice. Her massaging technique wasn’t as good as Sue’s, but it worked for the purpose of relaxing. For a second, I thought she was getting too close to my hair. I could see my hair being caught up in the hand massager and ripping out my hair and scalp with it. Aggghhh!! I left with all my hair – and scalp – though.

The manual adjustment was made on my back and neck again with the activator method on my lower back and hips. My back was less inflamed and was as painful to the touch as usual. It seems as though I’m making progress with it, after all. We shall see on Monday though when we do my re evaluation.

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My kiddos helped as much as they could with the cleaning since I was unable to do so. I was super proud of them for being a team player and helping out the family when I could not.

After the session was over, we talked about my cleansing and if I had incorporated the DE into my regiment. I had not, and seemed to be getting worse since I last saw him on Tuesday. He encouraged for me to try the DE because he was confident it would be the most effective in removing the parasites. I relented and agreed to give it a try before I went to my last resort – prescription medicine.

I’m super sensitive to medications and he believes it would only aggravate my gut issues. Keeping to natural supplements such as DE would be gentler on my stomach than harsh medications. He’s right. I don’t do well on medications and should give the DE a shot. Later that day, I went to the local health food store and purchased a bottle of food grade DE. I tried it that very afternoon, and it didn’t taste bad at all. But did it work for the parasites? Check back and see.

Be sure to read the rest of this chiropractic care series.

*All names have been changed for privacy.

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